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Raker specializes in growing and delivering custom seed (sows) and cutting (sticks) items. We do not charge extra fees for this service.

We define a ‘Custom’ item as any item not included in the Raker List. Once Raker receives a Custom request, our Genetic Evaluation /Product Support Team evaluates the item to determine whether the request is a ‘Known’ or ‘Unknown’ item. Additional research time may be necessary for Unknown items.

A ‘Known’ item means Raker has experience growing the plant. It may not be in the Raker List for a variety of reasons, but we may still accept orders for this item.

An ‘Unknown’ item means Raker has minimal (or no) experience growing this cultivar. This internal Raker distinction changes a “Custom” item to a “Research” item. Once a request is approved, material is ordered and a research project is started. Custom items require a minimum number of plants. Seed items require a three-tray minimum; vegetative items require a 200-item minimum.

The requested item and season may slightly affect these minimums. Additionally, the shipped and invoiced quantity may vary +/- 15% from the ordered quantity.

Once a request is received, we will evaluate the Custom item and communicate our decision to the brokerage and customer.

The timeframe for a research project varies greatly due to a number of reasons (seed/vegetative cutting/tissue culture availability, season, grow time, etc.) With these variables in mind, Raker will conduct the research as quickly as possible.

Raker Research generates a report that outlines price per plug or liner, production viability, item lead time, etc. Pricing and production lead-time information is submitted to the brokerage and customer (if applicable).

Although Raker does not charge extra for Custom items, we do reserve the option to propagate these items.

Jenny Kuhn